Sunday, July 15, 2012

„Would you mind listening to the end of this gentleman’s story“

You all know him,..the chap, preferably on a night flight, with you in your favourite 6F sleeping seat, who has to tell you his life´s story.. as if you care, but polite as you are you keep him amused before, during and after dinner.

To be fair, I´ve met some really astounding people on planes, rarely afterwards though, as most , pleased as they are to force their contact details on you,  do not exist in after flight life….leading to a belief that some have visiting cards that are pure dummies, allowing them to have a interesting, exciting life of their own as long as they are flying without the fear of being “caught” once those wheels hit mother earth…

But back to our jailor passenger, whose occasional flashes of silence make his conversation perfectly delightful, and his tales of success, grandeur and acquaintances’, which according to his list would make anyone proud, and that from a travelling mid level manager for somewhere out west…you suffer…and wonder how on earth you can shut him up…when inspiration strikes….

Calling over the airflightattendantperson you calmly ask, whilst legging over the chatty chap sitting next to you on the pretence of heading for heads,…..or what ever is the true air nautical word for the tiny cabin in which one relieves oneself from both these passengers and the port wine….you utter the most famous of expressions..hailing from a member at a London club if I recall!..

„Would you mind listening to the end of this gentleman’s story“

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